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kittenPatti and Hannah found Pizzi on August 23, 2002, on a construction site, under a pile of steel rods. Her fur had bits of dried concrete stuck in clumps all over her, and she was screaming her head off.

kittenWe will never know how she got there, but we do know that for the pack of wild dogs roaming the neighbourhood that morning she would have made a tasty nack. We brought her home, fed her and took her to JSPCA in Jerusalem. The vet there guessed that she was about 4 weeks old.

kittenSince then, she has become Hannah's constant companion. Pizzi became Hannah's puppy. During her kittenhood Pizzi slept curled in Hannah's tummy or on Hannah's head. Hannah bathed her daily.

kitten Pizzi spent many happy hours attacking Hannah's tail, ears, nose and feet, and sweet, gentle Hannah, like any good mother, put up with these depredations. To this day, Pizzi still purrs when she sees Hannah. Hannah is Pizzi's best friend and her security.

kitten"When we adopted Pizzi, we had a couple of tiny stuffed animals. One was a blue bear about the size of the kitten. It became her favourite toy.

kitten She still carries her bear all around the house, upstairs, downstairs, to bed, to breakfast. Sometimes she tries to give her bear a drink (or perhaps a bath) by dunking it in the water dish.

kittenPizzi invented a game that she used to play with her bear. In our house in occupied East Jerusalem, we kept spare plastic bags in a bigger plastic bag in the corner behind the china cabinet. It was in an alcove under the stairs. Pizzi and the bear discovered that they could climb the stairs to the landing, about 2.5 m up, and jump off, landing on the soft mattress of plastic bags. Pizzi would then scramble off the bags, grab her bear in her mouth, and climb back up the stairs to her diving platform. She would poise herself, bear firmly in mouth, and dive off again. This game used to go on for half an hour or more, round and round, until she and bear fell asleep together on the pile of bags.

catAt other times there were other games. Some games were with bear. Some were not. It is amazing how much fun a cat can have in an open dish washer, for example.

cat Pizzi has adapted well to being a Canadian cat. As she has always been an indoor cat, she didn't have to learn a new neighbourhood, only a new house. As long as the meals are regular, Hannah is available for snuggles and there are soft warm places to sleep, she seems thoroughly content.

kitten christmas During the holiday season, she plays with the Christmas ornaments and climbs the Christmas tree. She enjoys playing with her catnip toys for a change, but bear remains her favourite, and one of the constants in her life.

catBear still finds his way up and down from the back corners of the basement to the center of our bed on the third floor. None of the other animals ever touch that little blue bear, although all other toys seem to be community property.

cat Pizzi, now an adult cat of 4 years, continues to act out her fantasies, carrying bear around the house and growling as fiercely as is possible for a 3 kg tabby cat. As long as she has her Hannah and her bear, all is right in her little world.

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