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pet photopuppy photoIn 1990, Hannah came to us from "Friends of Abandoned Pets", a registered charity that fosters and finds homes for unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats. Hannah's mother was a champion show Beagle. Her father leaped over a fence. The beagle's owners were not interested in mixed breed puppies. "Friends of Abandoned Pets" found homes for them all. We heard about a litter of part-beagle puppies in Gananoque, on the St Lawrence River, and drove down to adopt one. puppy photo

dog photoWe have always been glad that we adopted her. Hannah (she already knew her name and we thought it would confuse her to try to change it) is sweet, friendly, affectionate and playful, with very little of that famous beagle stubborn streak. She will, however, give us a piece of her mind if we waste time when she is waiting to go for her walk.

dog photoHannah enjoys a good roll on the grass on a warm sunny summer afternoon. Life just doesn't get much better than that, if one is an old hound dog.

dog photo dog photoDogs and their humans in the Ottawa area are fortunate to have a huge dog park available for off-leash walking. It is called the Bruce Pit, and is operated by the National Capital Commission. From April to November, from dawn to dark, there are always dozens of cars in the parking lot while dogs and people enjoy walking through the trees and along the paths. The dogs love being off-leash. They can explore the underbrush, meet other dogs on their own terms, enjoy lying in a cool hole on a hot day, chase squirrels, and other canine pursuits. The Pit is one of Hannah's favourite places. We go almost every day, weather permitting.

dog photodog photoAfter a nice walk or a roll in the grass, there is nothing like a squeeky toy, a juicy bone, and a snooze to round out a summer afternoon. It's a dog's life.

dog hiddingHowever there is one aspect of our climate that Hannah does not like. Thunder storms terrify her. The flashing blinding light, the boom, the roar of the wind, the pounding of the rain, all combine to make her wish to be elsewhere. Our Hannah is a sweet little dog, but she isn't very brave. Here she is hiding under the covers from the storm.

dog photo dog photoHannah enjoys walking and playing in the snow. Diving into new fallen snow is a joyous pursuit. Barking at and chasing feathery snow flakes delights her. Coming back from the Middle East, she was sensitive to the cold after three years in a warm climate, so for the past two winters she has been wearing a sweater on walks in cold weather. She seems to like having her sweater put on, it keeps her tummy warmer, and also cleaner so she doesn't need a bath as often.

Hannah is a world traveller. She came with us on posting to Moscow for three years, and from there to the Occupied West Bank for another three years. In 2004 she returned with us to Canada, where she is now enjoying doggy luxury in her "golden years".

friends photo friends photoDuring our stay in the West Bank, we adopted two foundlings, a kitten and a puppy. Hannah became surrogate mother to them both. Even though they are grown up now, Pizzi (cat) and Kyrie (dog) still take great comfort from snuggling and playing with their adopted mom. In fact, all of our other animals love Hannah, Bubi and Tamerlane as well as her "babies".

friends photo For three years after we returned to Canada, until she got too old, Hannah was a volunteer in the "Brightening Lives" program with the Humane Society. In her work with the program, she visited hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes. Hannah loved going on her visits. She believes that a stranger - human, dog or cat - is just a friend she hasn't met before.

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