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Beit Hanina
Occupied East Jerusalem

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From August 2001 to August 2004 we lived in East Jerusalem, in a Palestinian neighbourhood called Beit Hanina. Beit Hanina is on the north-east side of Jeruslaem, about 10 km from Ramallah.

It is a safe and quiet area. The most exciting thing that happens there is when the ice cream truck comes by at dusk on summer evenings.

The Palestinian nut bars don't cause trouble here because it is a Paletinian neighbourhood. The Israelis rarely cause trouble here because they consider it to be part of Jerusalem, their territory.

Before 1967, when this was part of Jordan, King Hussein was building a palace at the top of our hill. We could see the detereorating structure from our bedroom window, a reminder of how politically unstable this region is.

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Views of Beit Hanina

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sunrise over greek orthodox church

Sunrise over the Greek Orthodox Church

morning in Beit Hanina

Morning in Beit Hanina


the alley one block from our house

neighbourhood kids

neighbourhood kids

King Husseins's palace from our roof

King Hussein's unfinished Palace, from our roof

toward Ramallah

view toward Ramallah, from our roof


typical archetecture


Spring blossoms


typical architecture

our house

our house

parking place

unique parking place



coming home from school

girls coming home from school

piddler on the roof

a piddler on the roof


sunset from our kitchen window

To see the downside of life under the Israeli occupation, click here to see the other side of life in Beit Hanina.

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