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riverMoscow in Summer

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One of the most beautiful ways to see Moscow is from the river. There are many boats travelling up and down the river, within the city or from the city to outlying villages. Both offer a delightful perspective often unseen from the streets of the city.

Peter the GreatThe statue of Peter I, better known as Peter the Great, on the bank of the Moscow River is one of the largest outdoor sculptures in the world. The reign of Peter I was noted for its many sweeping reforms. Under his rule Russia adopted the Julian calendar, (unfortunately just as the west was changing to the Gregorian system). He forced Russia to adopt western technologies and imported craftsmen from western Europe to teach the new skills required. He built Saint Petersburg on the Neva River delta to be his new capital. He forced the Russian Orthodox Church to reform its governance. He changed the face of nation, and is today considered to be the father of modern Russia.

kremlin kremlin kremlinMoscow's Kremlin (fortress) is a world Heritage site. Floating past the Kremlin one can enjoy the beauty of the golden domes of the cathedrals within the walls. The photos show the Beklemishevskaya Tower - the corner tower on the southeastern side by the river, the Grand Kremlin Palace rising majestically above the wall, and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower behind the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Ukraine Hotel ministry of foreign affairs Moscow is known for the "seven sisters", the seven ornate Stalinist skyscrapers built during the last 10 years of his regime. The buildings are in an uniquely elaborate style combining elements from 1930s American skyskrapers, medieval Gothic cathedrals and the baroque towers of the Moscow Kremlin. The sisters include two hotels, two government buildings, two apartment buildings, and the University. Several of the sisters can be seen from the river. The photos show the apartment building on Kotyelnicheskaya Nabyerezhnaya (far left) and a panorama of the city with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the centre.

Christ the Saviour Christ the Saviour Cathedral was built as a thanksgiving offering to God for the Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812. Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture made its debut on the site in 1882, and the cathedral was consecrated the following year. In 1931, the cathedral was demolished to make way for the Palace of Soviets, which would have been the 8th sister. However, the Great patriotic War (WWII) intervened, and the site remained empty until Nikita Khrushchev turned the flooded foundation hole into a public swimming pool. In February 1990, after the fall of the USSR, the Russian Orthodoz Church was given permission to rebuild the cathedral. A temporary cornerstone was laid at the end of 1990. The new foundation was poured in 1994, the lower church, the Church of the Transfiguration, was consecrated in 1996, and the new Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, seen here, was consecrated in 2000.

British Ambassador's Residence architecture Due to extensive bombing and shelling by the Germans during the Great Patriotic War, and Soviet attempts to modernize the city at the expense of a great number of historically significant buildings, many of Moscow's architectural treasures no longer exist. This lack makes the remaining examples of imperial architecture all the more appealing. The far left photo shows the residence of the British Ambassador, formerly the British Embassy. The left photo is of one of the many Stalinist-era buildings in the central city.

highriseThe laudable Soviet policy of providing housing for every citizen or family, and the rapid growth of the Muscovite population after the Great Patriotic War led to the construction of large, monotonous housing blocks. They are ugly, poorly built and usually ill-maintained. Most Muscovites live in these buildings, as did we. This pair of highrise apartment blocks beside the river on the outskirts of Moscow, one ornamented by a huge advertisement, are typical.

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