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boatingThe Moscow River (pronounced Moskva, Mockba in Cyrillic) flows through the Russian Oblasts of Moscow and Smolensk. It is a tributary of the Oka, and is 503 km long. Its basin is some 17,600 sq km in area. The river freezes in November-December and usually begins to thaw late in March. Moscow, the city, is situated on its banks and is named for the river.

boatingThe Moscow River offers a welcome escape from the oppressive heat and humidity of summer in the city. Up and down its banks one can see family picnics and barbeques, swimmers, kids and dogs playing in the shallows, hopeful fishermen casting their lines, sailboats, motorboats, kids floating on inner tubes, all the warm weather fun one would expect along a heavily populated water way.

village villageThe river is a convenient thoroughfare to and from the many villages along it's banks. Passenger hydrofoils race upstream and downstream all day long, briefly stopping at the many docks along the way.

cruise ship cruise shipOne can find cruises, large and small, luxurious to basic, a few hours to a few weeks, whatever your preference. A cruise along the river is a great way to see the city on a warm summer day. Larger cruise ships roam the river from city to city, offering a unique perspective to vacationers from around the world. Behind the cruise ship rises the spire of the Northern River Terminal.

bargeBarges hauling everything from produce to industrial materiel to junk ply Russia's many rivers all summer long. Since humankind first settled the region, the rivers have been used as a ready-made highway system.

barge bridge and cranesIn order to keep all this necessary traffic moving, the river is constantly being dredged. Massive banks of cranes line the banks in some areas, filling an unending line of barges waiting patiently to take the unwanted earth and rubble elsewhere.

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